30 July 2005

Blackberries and Time

How fast the summer is passing! The wild blackberries up and down our lane and the surrounding woods are now coming forth almost faster than my wife and daughters can pick them. No complaint here, though. I’m enjoying blackberry cobbler and homemade blackberry ice-cream almost daily – and I have an expanded waistline to prove it! The days are passing quickly and the cool Virginia autumn will be upon us before we know it. (I’ll be switching from blackberry cobbler to apple pie.) With each passing day, I realize how precious the time which God allows us here truly is. We should use it wisely, making our calling and election sure, and become busy in the Kingdom of God; whether that’s in business, ministry, or both. By God’s grace, I’m blessed to have a business with which to support my family and give to the work of God. I’m also blessed to be able to use my writing ability in glorifying God, something I truly cherish. Writing is hard work: time consuming, mentally taxing, and often difficult – but I love it. Those of you who share my enthusiasm for the written word should pursue it with a passion. In the words of Southern historian Shelby Foote, it is “an endeavor worth a grown man’s time.”

19 July 2005


Update – the second edition of The Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen, published by Pelican of Louisiana, continues to do well. I’ve done a number of radio interviews and a few book signings, including two at Barnes and Noble. I am thankful for the positive review which appears in Blue & Gray Magazine’s summer issue. They write that the book, “…offers a sublime figure as counterpoint to the hedonistic ‘heroes’ of the instant gratification set…all ages will benefit from these selections…a wonderful self-help book of sorts.’ ”

A companion book about Mrs. Lee, directed to young ladies, will follow sometime next year. Also, work continues on my book about Stonewall Jackson’s black Sunday school class and we are on schedule to send it to the publisher by the end of August.

11 July 2005

Back Home

After a week in Maine, I finally made it home to my beloved Virginia. Maine is a nice place to visit, but... My daughter and son-in-law are only about 1/2 mile from the Canadian border. While we were there, I saw the sun come up above the horizon at 5 AM, saw a moose, witnessed a bloated steer get deflated with a 6 inch hunting knife, and spent some great time with my wife and 3 of my daughters. We drove back via I95 South, through the belly of the beast (New York City) and kissed our native sod upon arrival! Truly, the northeast is "different" and I thank God for the Shenandoah Valley.