21 November 2005

Thanksgiving and Books

Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season – I love this time of year. I will be taking this week to finish a book about Stonewall Jackson and his black Sunday school class – finally! Two publishers, both well known among Civil War enthusiasts, have expressed interest in seeing the manuscript and it will go out to my first choice next week. I'll also be taking some additional time for reading this week. I’d like to make a few of book recommendations for you War Between the States buffs:

I’ve just finished two great books. The first one, Shadow of the Sentinel by Warren Getler and Bob Brewer is a fascinating tale of treasure hunting and mystery. It is the true story of Brewer’s lifelong search for the lost treasury of the Confederacy, some of which Mr. Brewer claims to have located. Though the book left me with more questions than it answered, it is a most interesting read. The other book I just finished, My Brother’s Keeper – Union and Confederate Soldiers’ Acts of Mercy During the Civil War by Daniel N. Rolph is one of the best books I’ve read in recent months on Civil War history. The book contains numerous stories and accounts of soldiers and citizens extending comfort and kindness to wounded enemies. The book gives a different glimpse of the war but one that all those interested in that great struggle should know about.

The third recommendation just arrived in the mail today. It’s by Daniel W. Barefoot who has written 9 previous books. Barefoot is a native tarheel, attorney, and former member of North Carolina’s legislature. His most recent book is titled, Let Us Die Like Men – Behind the Dying Words of Confederate Warriors. I’ve just finished the preface and the first chapter and I know I’m going to love this one! The book contains 52 accounts of Confederate soldiers’ last words, including those of Colonel Isaac Erwin Avery. As he lay bleeding to death, unable to speak, Avery took a scrap of paper from his pocket and scrawled these words: “Major: Tell my father I died with my face to the enemy.” That should raise the hair on the back of your neck and prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges! May God give you a blessed Thanksgiving.