27 January 2007

Coming Soon – Virginia Heritage Tours™ of Lexington, Virginia

"The Bible has always found its safest repose in the mountains. When the law was given to Moses, the great lawgiver did not make the place of his feet glorious, by descending to the deep and widespread vale, but he stood upon Mount Sinai. The Bible has both a mountain home and a mountain range, and experience has proved that the word of God is hard to drive from the mountains." ~ Anonymous letter to the Lexington (VA) Gazette, 3 March 1859

Lord willing, I will be embarking upon a new endeavor this spring. Virginia Heritage Tours™ will open with tours--led by yours truly--of Lexington, Virginia. Other customized tours will also eventually be offered. Initially, we will focus exclusively on the Shenandoah Valley. Tours will be private and by appointment.

The Valley, surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to the east, and the rugged Alleghanies to the west, has a rich Christian heritage and legacy.
Lexington in particular has been blessed with the fruits of the Gospel. As I noted in my most recent book: "By the time Thomas J. Jackson arrived in Lexington in 1851, the tight-knit community was a robust evangelical village. The town paper would refer to Lexington and surrounding Rockbridge County as 'the very home of gospel blessings.' " Our goal is to share those blessings and heritage with as many as possible through our books, (via South River Books) our website, this blog, and now our tour offerings.

We will specialize in catering to Homeschool groups, Churches, and Christian schools, but any group interested may contact us about scheduling a tour. More to come soon at VirginiaHeritage.com. For now, please inquire at stonewallbook@yahoo.com.


Isophorone said...

We visited Lexington this past summer. It is definitely a beautiful town with a lot of rich history. One of these days our little one will be a little more grown so we all can appreciate these places a little more!

Of course, any tour should include the Cocoa Mill, right? ;)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I am most ashamed to have to admit that I have never visited the "Cocoa Mill." I will, however, remedy that situation when next I am in Lexington.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

PS: As an "almost" empty-nester, I'd cherish every moment with that little one. Make your own history.