25 January 2007

Hurrah for Texas!

I was at Lee Chapel in Lexington paying my respects to General Lee on his 200th birthday last Friday and snapped these pictures. The yellow roses, I was told, were sent by a member of “The Texas Brigade.” There were separate bouquets sent for General Lee and his horse, Traveller, who is buried just outside the basement entrance to the family crypt where Lee is buried. When I saw the roses, I was reminded of a story that took place during the war. Men in Hood’s Texas Brigade, from Longstreet's Corps, appeared in a heated battle just at the right time and right place, tore through a thick cloud of smoke and with muskets in hand charged the enemy while others were retreating. General Lee was so impressed with their bravery and timing that he cried out, “Who are you, my boys?”

Texas boys” they yelled in reply. Lee, normally able to control his excitement could not do so now and replied with emotion as he waved his hat, “Hurrah for Texas, hurrah for Texas!” When I saw those yellow roses of Texas on Lee's 200th birthday, I, too, said under my breath, “Hurrah for Texas! Hurrah for Texas!”

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