18 January 2007

Virginian John Tyler

Today marks the 145th anniversary of the death of our Nation's 10th President, John Tyler. He is best remembered for his annexation of the Republic of Texas in 1845. He should also be remembered for fathering 15 children - more than any other President in history. His grandson, (yes, grandson) still lives at Sherwood Forest Plantation today. Sherwood Forest has been the continuous residence of the Tylers since 1842.

sponsored and chaired the Washington Peace Convention in February of 1861. The convention’s goal was to seek a compromise that would avoid war between the North and South. Tyler was an adherent of "state's rights" and, when the Senate rejected his plan, Tyler urged the Mother of Presidents to secede from the Union. Tyler served in the provisional Confederate Congress in 1861 and was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives.

He died before he could take office while in Richmond. His dying words were "Perhaps it is best." Tyler is buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. Tyler Texas is named in his honor.

(Hat tip to Mr. William Connery for correction regarding Tyler's place of death)


Lawrence Underwood said...

One of President Tyler's descendants lives in our area. He is the grandson of Gen. Richard Tyler. When we reenact Tyler's surrender at Magee House his impression is that of his grandfather. It is a bit overwhelming to see. He, too, is a man of gracious bearing. His great grandfather would be proud.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Lawrence for the comment.