08 March 2007

Jamestown's 400th Not Worthy of "Celebration"

This image is an old photo of the ruins of the old Jamestown Church. It appears that history itself is in ruins these days at Jamestown. Every historical event is now being turned into some kind of policital statement by revisionists - especially if the event is in any way related to Chrisitianity . . .

"For America's 400th birthday, what should be a celebration of gratitude to the Lord is fast becoming an homage to revisionist historiography and political correctness."

How fashionable.

Read article here.

And then this relevant survey is most enlightening.

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The Tour Marm said...

Yes, the church is being touted as the, 'birthplace of of representative democracy' in the New World, rather than its religious significance. It had become a place for me to discuss the Christian mission of the British colonies.

Additionally, chisled into a marble tablet embedded in the south wall, is an exerpt of the Virginia Charter. I always point this out because the Virginia Charter was a legally binding contract between the settlers and the Crown/Parliament:

"Also we do, for Us, our Heirs, and Successors, DECLARE, by these Presents, that all and every the Persons being our Subjects, which shall dwell and inhabit within every or any of the said several Colonies and Plantations, and every of their children, which shall happen to be born within any of the Limits and Precincts of the said several Colonies and Plantations, shall HAVE and enjoy all Liberties, Franchises, and Immunities, within any of our other Dominions, to all Intents and Purposes, as if they had been abiding and born, within this our Realm of England, or any other of our said Dominions."

Seems like the Crown/Parliament broke the contract by treating the colonists (at least Virginians) as second-class subjects by denying them their birthright as full British citizens as well as representation in Parliament.