02 April 2007

Natural Bridge Event

I had the honor of speaking at the Natural Bridge Living History & Symposium on Saturday evening. Other speakers included Brandon Dorsey on the possible move of the Museum of the Confederacy to Lexington, Liberty University Professor Kenny Rowlette on the Civil War poetry of Walt Whitman, and Rev. Alan Farley brought a timely and relevant Gospel message. My beautiful daughters, along with International Bluegrass Association female vocalist of the year nominee, Heather Berry, entertained us all with appropriate music. We enjoyed a fine meal with the church members and General Lee (Al Stone) was gracious enough to join us. Colonel Bob Drane is the heart and soul of this event and is working hard to increase interest each year. We always enjoy attending.


Michael Aubrecht said...

So glad to see you and my other friends Al Stone and Rev. Farley sharing time and spreading these important stories and positive messages. I am sure that it was an amazing time and I only wished that I could have joined you. Thanks for the posts and the pics for those of us who were stuck at the homefront.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thank you Michael. They are a great bunch of fellows committed to what they are doing.