23 April 2007

The Solution to "Global Warming"

Concern over "global warming" prompted Sheryl Crow to make the follwing statement:

"I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting."
Yes, this woman is serious.

Hmmm. I propose a limitation be put on
stupid statements being made by Hollywood types and leftists who preach idiocy but don't practice what they preach and who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I further propose we start a collection of corn cobs be sent to Ms. Crow. She'll need a lot of them. She requires three tractor trailers, four buses, and six cars for her touring company. Just like Al Gore, total hypocrisy from the left. I wonder how much toilet paper her entourage uses on an annual basis. This is problematic. If we ban light bulbs, as the left also suggests, how will we be able to work with just one sheet of toilet paper in the dark? We will need a new government agency to address this issue.

So typical. One set of rules and standards for the left, one for the rest of us. What does all this have to do with the Civil War? CW soldiers used corn cobs. Wisdom from the past. Which proves one of my theories for today's problems. Always look behind you for solutions.

Uh-oh, I just thought of something. Ms. Crow will need another tractor trailer to haul all those corn cobs. The additional fuel use will mean more "global warming" and, of course, with a tractor trailer loaded down with corn cobs, there is always the possibility of wiping out. Complicated issues my friends. I sure am glad we have intellectuals like Ms. Crow working on it, aren't you?


Anonymous said...

Since you choose to point out the hypocrisy of the "elitist left", perhaps you would like to expound on the caravans of SUV's that parade Rove and other lackey's around. Or maybe even the use of Airforce 1 and Airforce 2, not to mention Marine 1 and 2, to make purely political trips. If you're going to delve into modern politics rather than the Civil War, consider doing it even-handedly... or consider not doing it. We have enough political blogs.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. Why would I want to "expound on the caravans of SUV's that parade Rove and other lackeys around."? I couldn't care less. Rove isn't going around making idiotic statements about so-called global warming and toilet paper. (He does, however, make other idiotic statements.) I couldn't care less about Crowe's caravan either except for the fact that she has the gall to advise me to use one sheet of toilet paper while she guzzles gasoline and diesel fuel by the barrel full. I suppose she wants "poop-police" to patrol restrooms. And when I do delve into modern politics, (which is rare) I have no desire to do it "even-handedly" - just truthfully. I am glad, though, that you recognize that the current global warming debate is political and not scientific. I generally tend to avoid political topics, except when it involves history (political correctness) but could not resist commenting on such an asinine comment as Crowe's.