28 June 2007

More on Oakwood Cemetery

Fellow CW blogger, Michael Aubrecht has posted a news piece about Oakwood Cemetery and Richmond City Officials' refusal to work with the SCV on maintaining the final resting place of the 17,000 Confederate Soldiers buried there, one of whom is my great-great grandfather, John Meredith Crutchfield. During the War, there was a road connecting Oakwood Cemetery to Chimborazo Hospital; which is where many of Oakwood's dead came from. This included Grandpa Crutchfield. The "sacred trust" for the care of the cemetery, which the City of Richmond accepted in 1930, needs to be passed on to someone who still cares. The SCV could save Richmond some $30,000 a year by taking on this responsibility. What's the hold up?

The first photo shown here is of Oakwood Committee Chairman Lee Hart repairing the recently vandalized headstone of Lt. Duncan Stafford. The second photo is of a sloppy repair made to the Obelisk in Section G by the city using Gorilla Glue. Yes, Gorilla Glue. The third photo shown is of the plaque on a large monument at the entrance gate of Oakwood. The last photo is a shot of some of the markers in the cemetery. Contact Richmond Mayor Douglas Wilder here. Please be respectful in your correspondence.

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Michael Aubrecht said...

Thanks for adding the photos to your post Richard. Channel 12 showed video of Mr. Hart. The solution to this problem is so easy and I cannot understand why the city does not take the SCV up on this win-win opportunity. We'll all have to just keep praying.