26 June 2007

Morning Prayer

Every Friday morning at 7:30 AM, I have the privilege of meeting with my good friend and local businessman, Harry Moore. We meet at Harry's home for an hour or so of Bible study and prayer. Sitting on his back patio, this is the view we have. Two weeks ago, the season's first cutting of hay lay fresh and filled the air with its sweet aroma.

Is it any wonder so many Southern boys fought and died to defend their native sod?


Michael Aubrecht said...

What an outstanding view of God's glorious creation! I'm jealous my friend (but grateful to share the same Virginian soil). We are truly blessed here in the Old Dominion.

Lawrence Underwood said...

What a beautiful scene of God's creation! Seeing that picture I can almost smell the air. Now living in the city I miss that smell of freshly mown hay. Shoot, I miss almost everything about living in the country.

Anonymous said...

Love the plate wish I still lived in VA. Marse Lee is one of Virginia's greats of many!