26 June 2007

Ridin' With General Lee

The deadline for the submission for a commemorative Robert E. Lee automobile plate is fast approaching. We still need a couple dozen applications in order for us to meet our goal for applications. Please help us reach this milestone by July 15th, so that we have time to work with the DMV before their deadline passes.

If you submitted an application and have since traded or sold a vehicle, then you need to print off another form for your current vehicle, fill it out correctly, and send it along with a note stating it is to replace your "old" application to the plate coordinator below. It will not do us any good to have the required number of applications if some of them are invalid because of a sale or trade.

Information is available here. DMV forms are available online here. You do not have to be an SCV member to apply for these tags.

The year of Lee continues.

1 comment:

Lawrence Underwood said...

It's a shame that I can't run that tag here in the 'Heart of Dixie'. I'll just have to stick with my SCV tag.