08 June 2007

Waynesboro Heritage Museum

I've just been informed that the *Waynesboro Heritage Museum (Pictured here) will be carrying my book, Stonewall Jackson - The Black Man's Friend in their gift shop. Since Waynesboro is my hometown, I am especially delighted about this news.

The Waynesboro Heritage Museum is located in downtown Waynesboro, Virginia at the corner of Main Street & Wayne Avenue. The museum has a wonderful collection of pictures, photographs, antiques, documents, collectibles, a world-class doll collection, and a Valley Native American artifacts collection. The museum will be open Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 until 4:00 or for large group tours by appointment. Telephone: 540-943-3WHF.

* Due to open early August 2007 - a major refurbishing has been taking place for over a year and I can't wait to see the final product!

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Michael Aubrecht said...

Congrats Richard! I know the feeling. I felt so validated when my hometown library carried my books. Here's hoping to many more sales for you and some well-deserved recognition for the "hometown hero."