23 July 2007

Where's the Civility "Dude"?

I continue to shake my head at some of the comments and crude, juvenile language I find on some CW blogger sites. Many of these bloggers are considered professional historians yet use language, phrases, and innuendo one would associate with Beavis & Butthead or some airhead on MTV. Due to this fact, I have refused to link to these sites because I want my site and links (as much as possible) to be "family friendly."

Some of the comments and language I've seen lately are so offensive that I was even considering "unlinking" from anyone who links to those sites. I realize, however, the futility of attempting to disassociate one's self with everything offensive on the web. I'm just fed up with the immature level of gutter language I see. I can only assume that these bloggers:

  1. Lack a vocabulary.
  2. Lack intelligence.
  3. Consider The Simpsons and Rosy O'Donnell educational television.
  4. Never had their Mama wash their filthy little mouths out with soap. (Mine did)
  5. Believe being crude gets them noticed; similar to the 14 year-old who passes gas in a junior high school class.

Call me a prude. If that is what it takes to get noticed, I'll be satisfied with obscurity.