06 August 2007

Stonewall Documentary Update

I received the following email from Franklin Springs Family Media (the company working on the documentary based on my book):

"Families from around the nation continue to write us and tell us how much they are looking forward to the release of Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story. We greatly look forward to making the film available to you! The final stages of post production have begun and we are putting the finishing touches on the film. A new trailer will be available soon through our website and we will begin taking pre-orders next month. You can also purchase gift certificates now and redeem them when the film is available for pre-order purchase. Visit our news page and check your inbox for more updates in the coming weeks."


I spoke with Franklin Springs' general manager, Mark Stubblefield, earlier today and they are very excited about this film. An original musical score is being written and recorded by a talented and popular group and the narration has been completed. I will be traveling to Franklin Springs' offices in Tennessee later this month for consultation on the final edit. An October 1 release date is planned and I cannot wait to see the final product. I will post a detailed description of this whole project nearer to the release date.

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Michael Aubrecht said...

I can't wait to see it Richard (and write about it for the paper). It is going to be an amazing film, made by some amazing people, about the life and times of an amazing man.