09 August 2007

You Know My Name

Yesterday morning, as is my routine, I was listening to the very popular “Civil War Roundtable on the Air” originating from the studios of WSVA Radio in Harrisonburg, Virginia (550 AM). This is an excellent call-in talk program and I highly recommend to all who can tune in the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 10 AM to Noon. You won’t be disappointed.

One of the hosts described a recent trip to the Museum of the Confederacy and Confederate White House and, while enjoying the tour of the White House, inquired of his guide if President Lincoln actually sat at Jefferson Davis’s desk as some accounts have related. The guide assured all gathered that “the gentleman from Illinois never went to the 2nd floor of the Confederate White House.” The host also discussed another recent visit to the Lincoln Museum.

The discussion then evolved (or would that be devolved?) into the utterly ridiculous and PC notion of changing the name of the MOC; as some have suggested leaving out any reference to the “Confederacy.” I phoned in and said “Changing the name of the Museum of the Confederacy would make about as much sense as changing the name of the Lincoln Museum to The Gentleman from Illinois Museum.” With hardy laughter, the hosts agreed. Sanity still exists in some quarters of the media, if not in certain quarters of academia.

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