07 September 2007

New Office

All moved in . . . well, kinda; still have a lot of pictures to hang, 2 more desks to move in, and phone wires to untangle! (No, that is not a skinny albino boa constrictor in the bottom right of the first photo.) The image below that one is the gorgeous view of the Staunton skyline from my office window. The bell tower in the center belongs to historic Trinity Episcopal Church. Founded in 1746, this church is the one to which Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson fled when being pursued by those nasty British fellas during the War for American Independence. The church also has connections to the Civil War Era. In 1861, the Virginia Theological Seminary relocated to Staunton following the occupation of their school in Alexandria by Union troops. The seminary operated off and on throughout the war at Trinity Church. One of the Professors of the Seminary, Dr. William Sparrow, was a vocal opponent of both the war and of slavery. Despite his views, he remained popular in the community. For a brief period after the war, Charles Minnigerode served as an interim rector of Trinity Church. A native of Germany, he is perhaps best known as having been the minister during the war years of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond , often called the "Church of the Confederacy " since many confederate officials, including Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, worshipped there.

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Michael Aubrecht said...

Where do I apply to work there Richard? :) LOVE the place and not a bad view either.