22 October 2007

A Culture of Children

"Can a culture of children wage war against a culture of aggressive confidence? With the loss of the virtues typical of adults­­, such as courage, loyalty, and duty; with a childish preference for passive victims rather than active heroes, one evident in the media’s depiction of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, what hope of success can we have?"

Here's one man's opinion.

(Hat tip to my friend, Doug Hill)

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Lawrence Underwood said...

Absolutely excellent. He is on target all the way. I'm convinced that the entire new weave of how we view the growing up of folks in the West, the adolescent stage, is the undoing of our culture.

Much of what is passed off has 'Christian Counseling' has unwoven the fabric of the Biblical Family; in the name of strengthening the family. An entire subculture has emerged in and along side of the Church that is now 'expert' in areas that are never even mentioned or alluded to in Scripture.

God help us to recover sanity in the raising of our famiiles.