11 October 2007

Robert E. Lee Apprreciation Award

Last Thursday evening, I was honored to be the guest speaker at the Kappa Alpha Order's Wood Court at The Maryland Club in Baltimore. The Black-tie event was well attended and I met some great guys. While there, I was given one of KA's highest awards - "The Robert E. Lee Appreciation Award" which recognizes the recipient "for excellence in his interpretation of the life of Robert E. Lee to the American People." This was the first time the award has been presented since 1997. The fact this year marks Lee's 200th birthday, makes this particular award all the more special to me.

Of course, my interpretation of Lee may not be the same as yours. I do, however, believe the facts and research support the traditional view of Lee (including his faults) unlike much of the psycho-babble and straw-man arguments published in recent years which, like so many other efforts to tarnish American heroes, are little more than thinly veiled attempts to demonize American values & heroes and then disguise this as "objective scholarship." Please. No historian or writer is totally "objective" though some do make honest attempts. To deny that is to deny human nature and deny what is so obvious to even the most casual observer. Do I have to state the obvious? Unfortunately, yes. Most of academia leans left and attempts to politicize everything to their advantage. I agree with America's dean of Civil War historians, Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. who I heard say: "Robert E. Lee never existed [in the minds of some] because we don't have a Robert E. Lee today."

It really is no more complicated than that. Thank you gentlemen of KA for your kindness. I am truly honored.


Michael Aubrecht said...

Congrats my friend the award is most well-deserved and I could not agree more with your post.

Lawrence Underwood said...

What a wonderful honour. Congratulations. And, I too am in agreement with your post.