11 November 2007

Jackson's Mill Screening

The screening today at Jackson's Mill went perfect. With about 200 in attendance, the West Virginia Building at Jackson's Mill was all but packed out. And the good folks at JM went all out to make this event a successful one, including baking a very special cake! Afterwards, Mr. Dean Hardman, JM's Historic Area Program Specialist, told me that the film has re-energized much of the community's interest in Jackson and brought many facets together to promote the area's history, heritage, and tourism and that they were most appreciative of our efforts. Actually, it is I who should be the most appreciative. The hospitality and kindness expressed by all at Jackson's Mill and the surrounding area has been overwhelming. Their enthusiasm for the project is helping to make the film a success. One of the most interesting chats I had after the film was with Ms. Marie Burleigh. Marie serves as Jackson Mill's Public Relations Specialist. It was largely due to Marie's hard work that today's screening was so well attended and successful. Her efforts were largely behind the scenes, but without her contributions and marketing expertise, the event would not have been near the success it was. While we chatted, Marie shared with me the fact that her uncle, Luther Foster, was one of Tuskegee University's former Presidents. Others at JM also contributed much to both the filming as well as today's screening: Susan Church, a local historian and recently retired as Lewis County's Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director, was instrumental in the early stages of the filming at Jackson's Mill. Mr. Terry Jackson, Program Director at JM, was most gracious in giving the initial go ahead for both the filming and the screening. As I've said before, this is a wonderful place to visit and I would highly recommend a stay at the lodge and spending a few days in Lewis County taking in the history and natural beauty of the area.

The 2nd image shown here is the West Virginia Building where the first public screening of Still Standing - The Stonewall Jackson Story was shown. You can read the very interesting history of this structure here. The third image is of the Jackson's Mill Lodge where we stayed during both of our visits.

I'll be posting some more photos and comments soon.

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Lawrence Underwood said...

My, oh my. What a wonderful film you've made. the message of the film is wonderful. The texture is rich. I am making it required watching for the men in my congregation.

My family watched it last week and then we took off to a reenactment. At the reenactment I ran into several men who have also watched the film. Some of them were not Christians, but they are being prodded now by the Holy Spriit as a direct result of watching the life of one of their heroes be accurately displayed.

Thank you, Richard.

Lawrence Underwood