17 December 2007

The Confederate Chaplaincy

In looking at the new Civil War Chaplains Museum website (not yet "live"), I came across some interesting statistics regarding the impact of Confederate chaplains on the South as a whole; both during and after the WBTS:

  • 150,000 Confederate soldiers rededicated their lives to Christ or were baptized during the war.
  • Eighty percent of college students in the South after the war found their religious faith while in the Confederate Army.
  • Thirteen former Confederate chaplains were consecrated as bishops by 1892.
  • Twelve former Confederate chaplains became presidents of major colleges.
  • By 1890 church membership and the value of church property were double that of 1860. New growth included 10,000 new Baptist churches in Texas.
  • Former Union Army chaplains also helped with the rebuilding of the South.
  • Bishop Atticus Haygood emphasized the rise of “The New South.” But the Southern Churches conserved traditions. No major Protestant denomination except for the Protestant Episcopal Church reunited in the 19th century.
(Painting "Sunrise Service" by Mort K√ľnstler)


Gordon said...

My 3G grandfather, William Calmes Buck, was a traveling preacher/chaplain during the war. I've started a blog on my Buck family at http://buckfamilyofvirginia.blogspot.com and will eventually get around to writing about him. Once I get to W.C.Buck, I'll be there a while because he was renowned in those days. Imagine being in your 70's and traveling in a wagon to preach to the troops!

Gordon Buck

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks for writing Gordon. Sounds like ole granddad was quite stout!