31 January 2008

Project Update

For those who’ve asked and for those who care, I’ve recently written two history related pieces for Christian publications that will be published in the spring. I am currently trying my darnedest to finish the companion book to The Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen which is, titled appropriately, The Maxims of Mrs. Robert E. Lee for Young Ladies. I also intend to query a very popular and well respected national magazine this evening about a piece concerning some local history near my home and I'm working on a couple of book reviews too.

At the same time, I continue to gather research materials for my next book which will be a history of the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery. I’ve already completed much of the outline for that work and hope to be able to get into the serious writing stage by the end of the summer.

I’m also in discussion about screenings of Still Standing – The Stonewall Jackson Story for two different preservation efforts—possibly one at Gettysburg. These will likely take place some time this summer. Work continues with the Chaplain’s Museum and some other projects I’m involved in as well. Several speaking engagements have been scheduled for the near future and those will be posted later on my website. Lots of other ideas and projects rolling around in my head, just not enough time to tackle them all right now. I need a personal assistant willing to work with a promise for reward (maybe) in the future—any takers?


Michael Aubrecht said...

How about you keep track of all of my stuff, and I will keep track of all your stuff, and hopefully we'll both remind each other when and where we have to be?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...