12 January 2008

Selective Criticism?

"No other American story is so enduring. No other American story is so comforting. No other American story is so false." ~ Lerone Bennett, Jr.

Why have so many academics (for the most part) ignored this book, written by an African-American social historian and former executive editor of Ebony magazine, which excoriates Lincoln? Most modern critics of Lincoln are dismissed as "neo-confederates." Certainly, Mr. Bennett could not be labeled such. I'd be interested in some "scholarly" opinions. Be gentlemen. We enforce a civility code here.

I've not read it, so won't offer an opinion--yet.

Here's one opinion:

"The most systematic, best-researched, and compelling critique of Lincoln's [beliefs about race] that I know of." ~ Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

Here's another:

"He describes it as a 'political' history, and indeed it is -- a 'politically correct' history. By selecting Lincoln's words carefully and placing his own interpretation on their meaning, Mr. Bennett is able to weave an ugly view of Abraham Lincoln that turns history on its ear and furthers the latest revisionist theory that the slaves freed themselves." ~ Edward Steers, Jr.

The book, originally published in 1999, has recently been released in a paperback edition - 662 pages.

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Lawrence Underwood said...

A friend of mine, a black pastor, recently gave a copy to me. It is on my list.