05 January 2008

The South - and the Nation - Loses a Great Man

I just read about the passing of historian Devereaux Cannon, Jr. on fellow blogger, Michael Hardy's site. I, like Michael, was shocked to hear of his sudden passing on 29 December 2007. Mr. Cannon was only 53. Also, like Michael, I did not know Mr. Cannon personally, though I own two of his books and have exchanged several emails with him and his wife about the history of the Virginia flag. They were both always most helpful with my inquiries. Mr. Cannon, a prominent Nashville attorney, historian, and anti-tax activist, was also considered an expert in vexillology. Mr. Cannon, like me, published a small book of quotes of Robert E. Lee with Pelican Publishing Company.

His own words are perhaps his best epitaph and ones which I could claim as my own heritage and "predisposition":

“I am by genetic predisposition a Rebel. Ancestors I can claim have rebelled against the likes of King Edward I, King Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, King George III, and Abraham Lincoln. I am and have always been in a constant state of rebellion against the federal government, and from time to time, against leaders of my State, county, and political party. Despite all of that rebellion, I am told that I am a very pleasant person with a genial personality and a pleasing disposition.”

The South has lost a great man. Mr. Cannon will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about my husband.
Nora Cannon

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Dear Mrs. Cannon:

You are more than welcome. I'm very sorry for your loss.