07 February 2008

Beam Me Up Scottie - And Hurry

Ok, this is a SOS. I've been abducted by aliens and taken to a parallel universe. I'm calling on my readers and fellow bloggers - those of you who are still sane and, assuming I'm not the only one left on the planet: HELP!! Some of today's headlines on a popular website include the following:

What's weirder is that some will read these and say, "So what's the problem?"

Help. And please hurry.

P.S. I promise more WBTS posts starting tomorrow - lots going on. (If I make it back from whatever planet I'm on now.)


Lawrence Underwood said...

Frankly, I've wondered the same thing of late. I no longer seem to be able to get any sort of bearing in this world. Thank God for his Scripture!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

It really is getting weird out there, isn't it? How do you even begin to have discourse with folks who swallow some of this as "normal"?