29 February 2008

Big Tent

The conservative movement is a "big-tent" - but we still check your credentials at the door.

"One final point about Buckley, and this is the lesson of Buckley to Calvinists: Conservatism is not one nice, neat, orderly arrangement of ideas that can be mathematically tested and scored. The conservative movement included traditionalists, libertarians, anti-communists, Agrarians, Distributionists, isolationists, strong defense advocates, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Chicago School economists, Austrian Economic school economists, states-rights supporters, those who loved Lincoln, those who loved Jefferson Davis, admirers of Thomas Jefferson, and admirers of Alexander Hamilton, those who preferred the anti-Federalists to the Federalists and vise versa, literary critics, economists, political pundits, theologians, and every other variety of the conservative rainbow." ~ Ben House

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