13 February 2008

Eternal Rebels

"Since Prohibition, southwestern Virginia has been a hub of moonshine production, along with North Carolina and a few other Southern states. The tradition extends to the English and Scotch-Irish colonists who settled western Virginia and made grain-based whiskey and the Germans who specialized in apple brandy. When Franklin County was formed in 1786, the first county court met in a house with a tavern."

Some of my more unsavory ancestors of the Coffey clan were moonshiners in Nelson County. Before I became a Christian, white lightning was my beverage of choice. The strongest think I drink now is a little hard cider at Christmas. :)

Story here.

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Lawrence Underwood said...

Have you ever had pork from hogs that have been consistently fed mash? None better.

I know a man who continues to make whiskey, although he refuses to sell it. He 'makes it on principle' stating that it is is a part of his heritage and the 'young fellows making it today make poison, not whiskey'. I've never seen him drunk.