12 February 2008

Exit, Stage Left

Some may recall an earlier post about lefty William & Mary College President, Gene Nichol, and the debacle over the Wren Cross. The Christian cross, located in a chapel, might "offend" someone, so it had to go; while an on campus "Sex Worker's Art Show" was ok. I could not make this stuff up.

". . .
in a letter to students and staff members he wrote that his decision to take the cross out of the chapel was governed by principles he found in the U.S. Constitution. He also credited the Constitution for his decision to allow the sex workers show on the publicly funded campus." Talk about twisting to adapt, this man's middle name should be Gumby! No to Christianity, yes to perversions. Political correctness is just a myth, don't you know?

Well, it seems Mr. Nichol's antics have finally caught up with him:

Richmond, VA (February 12) Gene Nichol resigned today as President of the College of William and Mary. The Board of Visitors decided not to renew Nichol's contract for another term, thus Nichol decided to resign immediately. (Sounds to me like he had a temper tantrum.)

Virginia House Delegate Tim Hugo stated, "I appreciate Gene Nichol's service to the College of William and Mary, but I think for the good of the College, he made the best decision by resigning."

Hugo continued, "Unfortunately, his tenure has seen an unending string of political controversies. He is a nice man, but, I do not believe that he ever made the successful transition from political activist to college president. I wish him well in his future endeavors."

As do I, but would also add, good riddance. Full story here.

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