28 February 2008

A Full Schedule

I never cease to be amazed at how rapidly I can go from a rather empty schedule, regarding various history projects, to being completely covered up. Suddenly, I have 4 speaking engagements coming up, just had an article published in a homeschooling magazine, have another in the pipeline for the Washington Times, and have recently booked two large tours for Lexington--each one will include over 40 participants.

But the most exciting thing coming up involves an invitation I received late Tuesday night to submit an article to a very reputable, national publication about some subject matter that has been of keen interest to CW buffs and historians in recent years. The piece will involve some new material and at least one very rare photograph. It will involve three individuals. It will include a few surprises. It will also be a challenge for me.

I won’t say any more now, but, if accepted for publication, the article will be out before summer’s end. I’ll make the official announcement when and if the piece is accepted.

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