01 February 2008

The Market Rules

"Movies with very strong Judeo-Christian values, capitalist ideals, patriotism and pro-American attitudes do much better at the box office than movies promoting socialism, Marxism, left-wing political correctness and atheism," said Ted Baehr, publisher of MOVIDEGUIDE©: A Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment, and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission ministry in Hollywood." Full story here.

This sentiment is obvious in the historical realm as well. "Professional" historians may cringe at such a statement, but Americans still prefer uplifting, heroic stories that inspire and are not on a mission to discredit our Nation's heroes. David McCullough's work is a good example. This, of course, does not mean you distort the truth or ignore the faults of heroes, but there is an obvious anti-hero slant in many modern works. The market appears to be saying--and saying very strongly--that the only place where political correctness and liberalism sells is in academia and government. Since both institutions are, for the most part shielded from market realities, many of those who work in them exclusively tend to be detached from this reality.

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