19 February 2008

Post Number 400

To celebrate Old Virginia Blog Post Number 400, I offer a special quote to my readers by one of my favorite intellectuals, Alphonse Vinh:

"The civilization of the South was orthodox Christian, agrarian, aristocratic, and rooted in Western European culture. The developing civilization of the North, heavily influenced by the values of the Northeast, was in its time, home to every liberal and radical 'ism' that, in different dress, continues to plague our modern culture. The desacralised mind of New England, shorn of its Calvinist piety, adopted first, Unitarianism, the father of modern day liberal heresies, and then bourgeois corporate capitalism. The utopianism of . . . New England is the direct precursor of modern day liberal social engineering."


Anonymous said...

Powerful quote putting it all in a nutshell; short of including the bloody tragedy resulting from a clash of civilizations.
1865= Beginning of The Bitter End

Douglas N. Hill

Michael C. Hardy said...

Congrats on 400!


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Doug - yes, powerful. I wish we'd hear more from Mr. Vinh. He seems to be somewhat of a reclusive mystery.

Michael - Thanks!

Lawrence Underwood said...

This point is often overlooked in the history our nation(s). We can't understand the war or the time following it with out this knowledge.