01 March 2008

For Altar & Home - Scholar Warriors

"All the officers, as well as more than half the privates, were professing Christians, and one-fourth were candidates for the ministry. The company was organized and commanded by James J. White, professor of Greek at Washington College and son of Stonewall Jackson's pastor, the Rev. William S. White. . . this unit was likely the best-educated infantry company in the Confederate army. The artillery unit that Pendleton would later organize and command would also comprise highly educated and devout men, including seven who held masters of arts degrees from the University of Virginia, 28 who were college graduates and 25 who were seminary students. Another member of this unit was Robert Edward Lee Jr."

Read the complete article here in the Washington Times.

(The first image is of Ted Barclay, the 2nd is of Hugh White, son of Stonewall Jackson's pastor, Williams S. White. Courtesy of Leyburn Library, Special Collections, Washington & Lee University.)

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