07 March 2008

Freedom of Choice?

3 elitist liberal judges recently outlawed homeschooling in California with the stroke of a pen.

"We're happy," said Lloyd Porter, who is on the California Teachers Association board of directors. "We always think students should be taught by credentialed teachers, no matter what the setting."

As a homeschooling father, please allow me to translate Mr. Porter's comment:

"We' re happy. We always think students should be indoctrinated by credentialed teachers, after all, most parents are stupid and aren't up on all the politically correct nonsense that we need to fill these children's minds with, leaving us little real time to actually teach them anything. Besides, the more kids we have in the government schools, the more teachers we need and the more money that pours into our union coffers."

My wife (mostly) and I homeschooled 4 of our 6 children. All graduated with honors via a Christian based curriculum and tested above average on their SAT's. One is a happily married mother expecting her second child. Another is a very successful, self-employed businessman and husband and father of one (soon to be two). Another teaches in a Christian school and just received a promotion. The youngest is happily married, working full time, and currently attending college while maintaining a 4.0 average. She was heavily recruited by a number of prestigious colleges.

Homeschooling has proved over and over to produce superior results over the current public education fiasco. No, it is not for everyone, but for those who choose it and are committed, it works VERY well. Chickens cannot teach eagles to fly and the government schools have absolutely nothing but mediocrity to show homeschoolers, not to mention the increasingly dangerous and immoral atmosphere. As Grandma used to say, "the proof's in the puddin'."

By the way, another one of our daughters who was not homeschooled is a certified teacher and has chosen to homeschool her four daughters. I could go on and on with horror stories and anecdotes from public school teachers whom I know. But you've heard similar stories I'm sure.

I predict the California Supreme Court will either overrule this decision or limit its scope. After all, aren't liberals "pro-choice"?


Lawrence Underwood said...

I wouldn't bank on that outcome. The courts there have shown a tremendous ability to rule against all reason both legal and common. This is just one more example of the degradation of our country. Parents are losing the basic rights regarding the raising of their children at an increasing pace.

And, yes I am a homeschooling father.

dw said...

All this recent court ruling did was affirm an existing law dating back to the 1950s. The particular case, which was more about a legitimate child welfare matter than about home schooling, ultimately exposed a problem that will need to be fixed through legislation.

By any reasonable standard, I think you'd have to say these judges were acting as strict constructionists, upholding a law that is very explicit (about requiring accredited tutors). They didn't change anything. Nor did they "interpret" the law in some creative fashion. They simply upheld it.

How does that make them "elitist liberal" judges?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Dave - thanks for writing. "Strict constructionist" judges in California? Wow, that's a revelation. This case was, as you write, about a child welfare matter involving one family. The judges should have limited their ruling to that particular case. Instead, they took the opportunity to apply their ruling statewide in an obvious attempt to limit the rights of parents. I've yet to confirm, but I heard a commentator yesterday state that the California Supremer Court has already affirmed (in an earlier decision) parents' rights to homeschool as very broad. Governor Arnold has also come out with strong criticism since this ruling.

Besides, jurists who are truly "strict constructionists" know that rights are endowed by our Creator, not "granted" by legislators or courts. I predict, despite California's leftist ruling elites, that this decision will not stand. Homeschooling is now very much mainstream and families across the political and ideological spectrum have embraced it. If not, you will continue to see the mass exodus of California's freedom lovers to other locales.

dw said...

Clearly, I think, they'll fix the law quickly, since homeschooling is so well established by so many thousands of families in the state, and it's not going away. But you miss my point about "elitest liberal" judges.

The law if very clear, and extends to all of California: it's illegal to homeschool except with accredited tutors. The court upheld that law.

Are you proposing that courts should arbitrarily ignore the laws on the books, or apply wildly creative interpretations?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't live in California if you PAID me to!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

DW -

No, I'm not suggesting that. Looking at this decision in a vacuum, you have a point. But you missed my point. Liberal courts will use "strict constructionist" views when it suits their agenda, i.e. increasing the power of the state over parent's rights. I believe they upheld the law because they liked it. Are you suggesting these 3 judges are consistent in their judicial temperament? You're a Californian, so you may know more about these judges.

Furthermore, true "strict constructionist" judges do not ignore rights endowed by our Creator. Children belong to their parents, not to the state.