07 March 2008

Good Advice

Fellow CW blogger Dimitri Rotov posts some good advice for bloggers:

"These professors who blog, and I say this in kindness, bring in a campus ethic of staff access that has no place here. I refer to leaving comments open, answering comments, taking email from casual visitors and replying to every email with the same grim determination that requires every paper to be graded, no matter how bad. Note to those who continue: reduce your accessiblity and responsiveness. If time presses, post as rarely and beautifully as David Woodbury. You'll save your blog. Remember why you started it?"

I would also add that most internet surfers are "grab and run" readers and aren't, for the most part, interested in voluminous essays when reading blogs. They are looking for a quick fact, something with a twist, some obscure news, or a unique perspective - not a lengthy lecture. While my posts occasionally amount to a short article, I try to keep them short and sweet - on purpose. Wordy essays are for websites, journals, newspapers, and magazines - not blogs. That's the nature of the beast gentlemen.

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