18 March 2008

No Intelligence Allowed


Douglas N. Hill said...

This film has a PG rating for "disturbing images" and get this: brief smoking!
While I think smoking is a pretty dang dumb thing to do, I also think this serves as an ominous bellwether of what's ahead in the application of nanny-statism. Can we expect warnings for scenes of doughnut/french fry consuming or occupancy in SUVs in the future? I say yes.
As far as the film goes, I suspect it will be bashed, snubbed, ignored and banished perhaps like no film before it.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

What strikes me is the Stalinist-like conduct of the "academics"; those great protectors of freedom of speech and thought. Liars and hypocrites with zero credibility. What are they afraid of? It just proves they can't defend Darwinism with facts and logic, only intimidation. Cowards. The truth will eventually prevail, it always does.