06 March 2008

Soldiers of the Cross

I am currently about half-way through Kent Dollar’s excellent book, Soldiers of the Cross – Confederate Soldier Christians and the Impact of War on Their Faith.

Dollar’s approach is both interesting and refreshing as he treats the faith of the profiled soldiers with great respect, despite the fact they fought for the Confederacy. This is something that many writers and historians today seem to have trouble doing; that fact being more reflective of their biases or ignorance than of their supposed scholarship or insight.

Dollar writes in his introduction:

“In his Second Letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul identified several attributes of a model soldier of Christ. These have been restated by theologian Charles C. Ryrie as unwavering religious conviction, exhibiting strong faith in God, focusing on matters of the spirit, and godliness in service to others. Overall, the nine soldier-Christians in this study did indeed exemplify these characteristics.”

The book is published by Mercer University Press. Dr. Dollar is currently assistant professor of History at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee. I hope to post a full review in the near future.


Kraig McNutt said...

This is a good book. I enjoyed it immensely. A superb study - social history - on the religious world of the soldiers is While God is Marching On by Steven Woodworth.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


I have Woodworth's book too, just haven't got to it yet. Thanks for posting.