08 March 2008

Still Standing Review - ACW

Fellow CW blogger, Harry Smeltzer has reviewed the recent documentary in which I was involved, Still Standing - The Stonewall Jackson Story, for America's Civil War May 2008 issue. First, I'd like to thank him for his effort, although based on his comments, he wasn't looking forward to the project. It certainly must have been a dreadful undertaking. That being said, I do my level best not to respond publicly to critics, other than to say "thank you" for their willingness. That practice is based on advice I've received from CW authors much older and wiser than me. Suffice it to say, Mr. Smeltzer's comments speak for themselves. It is very tempting to respond in this case because I found his comments most curious. I do, however, have a response to his comments about the numerous "paradoxes" in the film - read the book Mr. Smeltzer, just read the book.


Lawrence Underwood said...

Now that I have read his full review I'm even more convinced that he just doesn't get it. It appears to be a perfect example of someone unable to see beyond his own presuppositions, even for the sake of debate. Truly sad.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No, and I really don't think he tried. He's since posted an update to his review, which adds nothing to the discussion.

This was a 45 minute film, not an all-encompassing series. You'd think someone who was reviewing a film would understand that you can only address so much in 45 minutes.

Of course, Kevin Levin agrees with him - that speaks volumes in itself.