21 April 2008


I’ve been quite busy since the release of my book in September of 2006 followed by the release of the documentary one year later in October of 2007. Additional writing and speaking opportunities, interviews, etc. added to my demanding full time occupation, time for my 6 children and (soon to be, Lord willin’) 13 grandchildren, church responsibilities, and various other community and worthy historical projects have, shall we say, “taxed my time.” My office is indicative of a busy man—or so was my excuse to my wife. She’s no longer buying it and has reported me to the health department for the condition of my office. I’ve been ordered by the authorities to clean, disinfect, organize, and to kill anything that moves and which is not human (with the exception of the family cat, Gussie).

My office, along with a small portion of my library, is pictured here. (Click on the images if you really want to get a closer look at this disaster.) This is my command post; the nerve center for the most dangerous Civil War blogger in the blogoshpere. This is where I spend countless late hours reading, researching, and writing. This is only part of the mess, it’s actually much worse than it looks here, if you can believe that. (I could not show the rest of my bunker office as the rats and vagrants don’t like to be photographed.) Filled with books, papers, notes, files, historical memorabilia, flags, posters, pictures, empty coffee cups, Oreo cookie crumbs, popcorn kernels, and items yet to be identified, I decided to face the music and bow to the authorities—or face arrest and threatened bodily harm from my sweet wife.

So tonight I ordered a new desk from Staples and have begun the task of sorting through the stacks of books, files, etc. I've purchased poison to get rid of the rats and served eviction notices on the vagrants who have have taken up residence in a closet and have been living off of the cookie crumbs I leave behind. This was not easy. We've become rather close. Upon completion of this monumental task (assuming I survive), I plan to record a video tour of my newly organized office, complete with commentary and post it on YouTube. I’m sure y’all can’t wait to see it. I have to go now. Some of the vagrants have organized and are picketing in the hall. This could get ugly.


Stacy said...

Is that a Thomas Jefferson Revolving Bookstand I see on the table??? How WONDERFUL!!! I've always wanted one ever since I first saw the original at Monticello when I was a little girl.

I don't think your office looks any different than most busy folks' offices...but these do need a good cleaning from time to time. And what a perfect time of the year for a little Spring cleaning!!!

I really enjoy reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Stacy. Yes, that is a TJ revolving bookstand - a writer's dream. Monticello sells them for over $700. I got this one for around $400 I believe. Well worth the money. I'm going to post some commentary about it soon.