08 April 2008

Culpeper Screening

This past Friday, my wife and I attended a screening of the film, Still Standing – The Stonewall Jackson Story in Culpeper, Virginia. The screening was well attended and was sponsored by the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield and the event was for the benefit of their preservationist efforts. I was delighted to see several educators there, representing both public and private schools. The film has been shown in several local Christian schools. After the screening, one of the public school teachers inquired about offering it to the local public schools as well. I think that would be great and I’ve heard that has already occurred in some areas around the state.

The screening was held at historic St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, which has a very interesting history:

“In the winter of 1863, when General J. E. B. Stuart and his staff were quartered in Culpeper, the General and his aide regularly attended services at St. Stephen’s. Later the rector’s daughter, Fannie Cole, afraid the Yankees would steal the metal church bell, climbed to the belfry, draped the bell in black cloth so it could not be seen, cut the bell rope, and thus saved the bell.”

The images here include a picture with local historian and author Virginia Morton, yours truly holding forth during the Q & A, and a shot of the church. Mrs. Morton organized the whole event and was a most gracious hostess.

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