16 April 2008

Exciting New History Site

The Circa History Guild. I would highly recommend that readers keep an eye on this site (in Beta) and the work they will be doing. I personally know the curator, Bill Potter, and have appeared at several conferences with him. He's a brilliant historian as well as an excellent (and very entertaining) speaker and writer. Take the time to click on the images of Andrew Jackson and Douglas MaCarthur and watch the videos. What a great way to grab someone's attention and whet their appetite for history in an increasingly media addicted age! It appears that Circa will be employing some great interactive tools as well as allowing readers to participate in projects - I can't wait to see what they have in store.

I hope to visit their physical site one day, but will be keeping a sharp eye on this site as it develops. You can read a great magazine article about Circa and its founding here (PDF). Congratulations Bill!

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Awesome! Thanks for that information.

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