06 May 2008

Buy A Horse

When will the idiots in Washington allow new oil drilling and refineries in America - when gas hits $8 - $10 a gallon? This is sheer lunacy and economic suicide!

What would President Williams do?
  1. Declare an economic National Emergency and tell Congress to stuff it.
  2. Make total energy independence a goal that all Americans (at least the ones with brains) could rally behind as we did in the race to the moon in the 1960's - thanks to President Kennedy. Target date for total energy independence would be 2020.
  3. By Executive Order, begin immediate drilling in Anwr, order new drilling and exploration off the Gulf Coast (China is drilling there now), and a relaxing of regulations governing the construction of new refineries and nuclear plants.
  4. Impose a 10% tax on all NEW oil revenues with the funds to be used exclusively for the development of alternate energy sources, i.e. solar. Offer a $1 billion dollar reward to any person/organization who comes up with a realistic alternative to oil.
  5. Require all government owned vehicles to get at least 35 mpg and all elected officials to use mass transit instead of private jets or limousines. Let's see if they really believe their own rhetoric. Hint: they believe it for YOU, but not for them.
Otherwise, buy a horse and shut up about the price of fuel. Pull up a chair and watch as the greatest economic engine in world history grinds to a halt. Its only going to get worse.

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