17 May 2008

The Corn Chronicles: Week 1

I have to admit. I’m a worrier. I worry about my wife, my six children, my 11 grandchildren (soon to be 13), my career, and lately, much about the future of my country. There’s much there to worry about; especially when looking at the current crop of Presidential candidates. God help us.

But the one thing that prevents my worries from overwhelming me is my faith in a Sovereign God—the God of the Bible and the redemptive work of His son, Jesus Christ. God remains in control. The sun still rises and sets every day, the seasons come and go, and life goes on despite the mess politicians make of it all. A field of corn is, in so many ways, illustrative of the ebb and flow of human life. There is a time of sowing, and of reaping. A time of preparation, of nourishment, of harvest. A time for the farmer to worry about rain, wind, drought—and a time to rejoice over the bounty of a good harvest.

Despite the political turmoil we see here and abroad we can rest assured that God is still in control. Spring brings new shoots of corn in this field. This farmer, a neighbor of mine, prepared the field, planted the corn and now he’ll watch, wait, and pray. We’ll watch too as the corn grows through the spring and summer and as these plants face hard rains, dry spells, insects, and disease. Like most of us they will most likely weather the storms and worries.

As I was somewhat discouraged (and worried) this week over some things, not the least of which is the direction of my country, I received an invitation from a national publication which caters to homeschoolers. The editor is starting an e-newsletter directed at fathers and asked me to contribute articles that will fulfill his vision for the project:

". . . to call fathers to lead their wives and children; to take not only an active role, but the intentional, direct, thoughtful, prayerful, hands-on, leadership of the training, teaching, and discipling of their children. Fathers are not the only teachers of their children, but they're the ones responsible for how it goes. I want to encourage, exhort, and cheer on fathers to make their relationship with their wife and children the highest priority, most important, most time-consuming, richest, deepest, most vulnerable, most rewarding, farthest-reaching endeavor they can possibly invest their time, talents, and resources in."

I was honored to be invited to contribute and sent him a couple of pieces I had written for our hometown newspaper a few years ago that I thought would be a good fit. He was elated and so am I. These articles will be seed sown in the hearts of fathers and, as A.W. Tozer once wrote:

"The printed word may lie unnoticed like a seed through a long winter, only to burst out when a favorable time comes and produce an abundant crop in belief and practice."

One can barely make out the tender plants here in this picture. Just tiny green shoots in a sea of brown. But it is early. Things will change. Be patient. We are praying for an abundant crop. One can learn much from watching corn grow.

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." ~ Galatians 6:9


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that ...

Barry H
Lakeland, FL

Michael Aubrecht said...

Awesome post my friend. HE is so good to us.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Barry and Michael. I'm looking forward to see what the coming weeks bring. I drive by this field every day and have, for a long time, wanted to write about what I witness each year as the corn grows, life changes, and God blesses and teaches me so many things--just by watching the corn grow! As you know, the Bible has much to say in regards to what the land can teach us. Stay tuned!