12 May 2008

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My hometown. I was born in a hospital which sat upon the Battle of Waynesboro battlefield. I had two great-great grandfathers (Morris Coffey and John McGann) who fought for the South at this battle. Much of the land they were fighting over would eventually come to be owned by John McGann's son - Charles McGann. I spent many summers in that old house and as my father used to say, "was haunted by the memories of those brave men who fought so valiantly for their homes."

John McGann is the gentleman to the far right of the photograph in the header of my blog. He's standing in front of the original homeplace (not the one in Waynesboro) in Nelson County which lies just below Wintergreen ski resort. The 200+ acre tract is still owned by his descendants and that structure still stands and is used today as a hunt camp. (We still cling to our guns and religion in western Virginia. Before we eat the 'possum, we bow our heads and say grace over the meal.)

The image shown here is of the Waynesboro Heritage Museum. I'd highly recommend a visit if you're ever in the area. I must confess that I'm proud that the WHM displays this hometown boy's book about Stonewall Jackson in their front window.

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