25 May 2008

Those Pesky Details

Remember last week when all the eco-freaks and doomsayers gleefully flipped their wigs over Goldman's prediction of $200 a barrel oil? It seems that if you dig in and actually take the time to read the details of that report, Goldman also predicts oil will stabilize at about $75 a barrel by 2012.

Hmmm - I guessed the scaremongers missed that little tidbit. Would you like to know who else predicts $200 a barrel oil and why? Read here.

I'm old enough to remember the last "energy-crisis" and gas rationing. I'm old enough to remember the "new business model" of the dot com boom and how those stocks would "never go down." I also remember being told a couple of years ago by an "expert" that the housing expansion would not end for many, many years and that there was no bubble. How soon we forget.

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