29 May 2008

Washington Times Civil War Column: R.I.P.

**Update 5/31: "The Civil War page is moving to a new day and will have a new name, America at War. Starting Thursday, as part of a new section called Plugged In, the page will be devoted not only to the Civil War, but also to other conflicts involving Americans. We plan to run a Civil War story every week, space permitting, but now veterans and others will get a chance to tell their stories of World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In addition, we'll have stories about the Revolutionary War and the other momentous conflicts in American history."

I've just been informed that the Washington Times' Civil War Column, to which I contributed regularly, is being replaced by a column which will be called "America's War." It's my understanding that this new column "may" include some CW pieces in it in the future. This appears to be rather odd timing to discontinue what I understand was a popular column, given the fact that the CW's sesquintennial is quickly approaching. It was great while it lasted, nonetheless.

I'll have more to say later.

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Steve said...

Sad indeed. I can only imagine what is ahead for the sesquintennial. I imagine they will be a far cry from the centennial which concluded when I was a little boy.