14 June 2008

All Hail My Irish Brethren!

"The long campaign to forge a new dispensation for the European Union descended into panic and uncertainty yesterday when Ireland turned its back on its 26 EU partners and voted down the Lisbon Treaty. EU leaders in Brussels and governments across the union, particularly Germany and France, were stunned by the Irish verdict, which amounted to a huge vote of no confidence in the way the EU is run."

Story here and here.

Irish Rebels - 1
European Statists - 0


Stephen Boyd said...

Praise the Lord! Less government is better government.

Robert Campbell said...

What they are not saying is that the Irish people generally don't understand the 'contract' and these good honest folks, bless the hearts, won't vote for something they don't understand even if the entire rest of the continent says its a good thing.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


Of course, that's a distinct possibility. But I have to believe there's just as many who do understand but don't like it.