27 June 2008

Celebrating the Year of Davis

I can't help but shake my head at the knee-jerk comments floating around the blogosphere and various media outlets regarding the "celebration" of Confederate heroes. These folks like to suggest such events and/or comments are "unprofessional" or "unsophisticated", etc. Bunk. Snobby elitism at its worst.

Fortunately, not all institutions and museums have bought into this nonsensical attitude. Case in point - I just received my monthly e-newsletter from the Museum of the Confederacy. It reads, in part:
Jefferson Davis 200th Birthday Celebration!

"On June 3rd, 2008 the MOC celebrated President Jefferson Davis's 200th Birthday. Many visitors from all over the state came to join us, including wonderful reenactors, Jim Bazo as Jefferson Davis, his wife as Mrs. Davis, and his cabinet. For this special day the White House was decorated with ballons and banners, the tour of 'Jefferson Davis's Richmond' was available, and visitors enjoyed free-admission all day. Visitors were treated to delicious birthday cake and lemonade in the garden." (My emphasis.)

Those making arguments against any kind of celebration regarding Southern heroes need to think carefully about the implications of their position. If those who fought for the South were "traitors" and unworthy of honor and celebration, then logic would dictate that EVERY military base, aircraft carrier, destroyer, highway, school, park, building, city, business, etc, be renamed so as not to honor these "traitors." Furthermore, if these men were, in fact, traitors then every statue honoring them (and don't forget get Lee-Jackson Day) needs to be toppled.

Anyone want to argue that? If not, you are inconsistent.

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