11 June 2008


David Mark of The Politico must read my blog. My post on Senator James Webb was on 9 June, his piece was posted @ 6:35 PM the following day. Coincidence?

Of course, the Senator Obama kool-aid drinkers will treat this as "old news" and a non-issue when it comes to his candidacy. But if an SCV member makes similar statements, he's trashed and mocked and called a bigot and worse.

Mark opines: "There’s nothing scandalous in the paper trail, nothing that on its face would disqualify Webb from consideration for national office."

Unless, of course, you're a Republican. Amazing. And these people actually believe they have credibility. Watch Gumby contort.

As I've stated, I think Webb is on the mark, for the most part, in his book. Born Fighting is a thoughtful, spirited, and well-written defense of the Scots-Irish, the Confederate soldier, and Southern heritage. My comments here and in the previous post are simply meant to call attention to the double-standard and obvious irony.

Webb's book is an excellent history of the Scots-Irish influence in America. The renowned Southern writer, Tom Wolfe, wrote this for the jacket of Webb's book:

"He has written not only an engrossing story, but also an important sociological history in the tradition of the great James Graham Leyburn."

I'll take Tom Wolfe's opinion over any of the cultural Marxists which dominate the news media and populate the blogosphere.


Michael Aubrecht said...

Thanks for another great post Richard. You pose some excellent points. Props for doing your research and showing the OTHER side of this story. I continue to be amazed at how poor these 'critics' seem to be at fact-finding. How can they call themselves historians, yet only show one-side of things in order to support their agenda?

Jubilo said...

Dear Sir ,
While I enjoy statues , I think the funds ought to be used to purchase and preserve Virginia historic sites before they all get paved over . Statues ! Statue rivalry ! Are we Imperial Rome ? One wonders.
cordially ,
David Corbett