28 June 2008

Louisiana Revolution

The citizens of Louisiana, led by Governor Bobby Jindal, are leading a quiet revolution in that state. Besides the piece of legislation noted in this previous post, Jindal just signed legislation which implements, "the Louisiana Science Education Act, which allows school districts to permit teachers to present evidence, analysis and critique of evolution and other prevalent scientific theories in public school classrooms. implementing a new law."

Of course, those who are opposed to academic freedom are foaming at the mouth.

"To the extent that this might invite religion in the public school classroom, we will do everything we can do to keep religion out." ~ Marjorie Esman, state director of Lousiana's ACLU told the New Orleans Times-Picayune

Right. Unless it's the religion of secular humanism.

I recall a biology class I took in a local community college in the mid-70's. The professor, a very jovial Dutchman, introduced the subject of Darwinism and evolution by stating: "I have no intent of diminishing or criticizing anyone's faith but . . . "

He would not, however, allow anyone to challenge what he was teaching: atheistic evolution. The Louisiana law should me a model for states across the nation to emulate.

Complete story here.

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