02 June 2008

MOH Recipient to Speak at 145th Battle of Chickamauga


Ed Hooper of the Civil War Courier requested I post this announcement:

Korean War Medal of Honor recipient Lee Mize, a retired U.S. Army colonel, will be among the guest speakers at the 145th anniversary Battle of Chickamauga, a re-enactment production sponsored by Lakeway Civil War Publications.

Mize's speech will be part of the 145th Battle of Chickamauga program with special lectures for Military Academy cadets and others Sept. 19-21. Mize will also speak to students during the event's School Days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Medal of Honor was created by the U.S. Government during the Civil War and will be a centerpiece of the re-enactment of the 145th Battle of Chickamauga in Walker County, Ga.

The Medal of Honor was created by Congress in the Civil War and is the nation's highest-ranking medal that can be awarded to military personnel. Mize received the MOH while serving as a sergeant in the Korean War in 1953. He and Company C of the 15th Infantry Regiment were committed to holding a key point named "Outpost Harry" which came under attack from an overwhelming enemy force.

Mize moved through an extensive barrage of shells to save a wounded soldier at an outside listening post, then set up a successful defense of his position, repelling attack after attack from the enemy that at times broke through into their trenches.

Three times in this assault Mize was blown off his feet by artillery or grenade blasts, but each time he recovered and returned to battle. When the enemy attacks ceased he reorganized his small group and moved them from bunker to bunker, firing and throwing grenades to disrupt the enemy. While doing this Mize killed an enemy soldier who had penetrated the lines and was about to shoot an American.

When the attacks continued he went along the lines, shouting encouragement and passing out ammunition. When he saw a friendly machinegun post overrun he ran to save the wounded, killing 10 of the enemy and dispersing the rest. Fighting his way back to the command post he found two wounded comrades, took a position to protect them and when he finally was able to get a radio, Mize called in artillery on the enemy approaches. At dawn he regrouped his men and was able to fight off one more enemy attack.

Following his service in Korea, Mize reentered combat in the Vietnam War, where he served four full tours of duty. He has worked in the organization of U.S. Army Special Forces and is one of the most decorated soldiers in the United States. He is in the Ranger Hall of Fame and regarded as an excellent speaker on the Medal of Honor.

The 145th Anniversary Battle of Chickamauga Civil War Reenactment will be at McLemore's Cove in Walker County, Ga. The site is just 10 minutes south of Chickamauga National Battlefield Park.

There will be activities all three days including battles, national speakers, living history camps and period music. For more information on the 145th Battle of Chickamauga, call 1-800-624-0281 ext. 327, or go online to www.BattleofChickamauga.net.

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I'm attending the event as a Confederate reenactor with Co A, 3rd Fla Infantry!