27 June 2008


Wow, this is really weird. There's a lot here that I agree with the infamous Chris Hedges about. (Or maybe he agrees with me.) As a former agnostic and Darwinist myself, I found some of Hedges's comments most intriguing. At least this man is a thinker:

"We’ve moved from a print-based culture to an image-based culture. When you live in an image-based culture, one responds emotionally, not intellectually. That is precisely what’s happening." ~ Chris Hedges (Which is why Barack Obama is so popular with the young and ill-informed. Its all about pop-culture image.)

"We live in a society that regularly confuses our emotional response with knowledge. You can watch the election campaign to get a good example of that. Take Barack Obama as an example. Obama talks about hope and change. This is just an updated version of a Pepsi commercial." ~ Chris Hedges

"The cost of the moral life or the religious life is a high cost. That is really what I believe the crucifixion is about. Living in a society where it is all about us and about how we feel and about whether we are happy is just unadulterated narcissism. It is really a road that leads us away from the possibility of living a life with real richness, integrity and meaning." - Chris Hedges (Oh, he may be closer to becoming a Christian than he thinks.)

"The new atheists are intellectually bankrupt. They have nothing to offer in terms of serious moral, theological or even scientific debate. They are very much a product of the television age. They celebrate their own ignorance. The kinds of things they write about religion are religiously illiterate." - Chris Hedges (We see this so much in the liberal blogoshpere and in university settings - intellectually bankrupt.)

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